Going live with a new site

Please note that this article relates to going live with a new site which is replacing a previous site, as opposed to an incoming transfer of a Magento site. This is the correct article for Retail Express sites going live on Magento for the first time.

There are three parts to this process.

  1. The first is M.D.G. IT gaining control over DNS. The easiest way for this to happen is to transfer your domain to MDG IT. Please see here for a guide to doing this:
    Alternatively, we can update DNS at the current registrar. This requires logins to your existing registrar.
  2. The second part is migrating email, assuming that mail was previously hosted at the same place as the old website, and that this account is going to be shut down. Mailboxes created in cpanel on the new server, under Mail. Once mail is across, you can still connect to the old server to download any messages that were delivered there during the changeover period.
  3. The final part is moving the site itself, which involves us updating the DNS A record. This then points visitors at the new site on the new server.


If your domain is currently at M.D.G. IT, please open a support ticket:

  • explaining that you will soon be going live
  • confirming whether mail is moving as well
  • if mail is coming across, confirming that all required email addresses have been set up on the M.D.G. IT server
If your domain is currently registered with a different domain registrar, in addition to the above
  • the domain needs to be transferred to M.D.G. IT, or
  • logins to the existing registrar need to be provided in a support ticket
You can see whether your domain is currently registered with M.D.G. IT by seeing whether it appears under the Domains section of the client area:
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