Managed Kubernetes Hosting

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Managed Kubernetes Hosting

Business-grade, highly scalable hosting for a variety of Linux applications, including Magento, Node.js (React, Next.js), Drupal, Laravel and Wordpress. All plans include:

  • Kubernetes control plane and management
  • Resources dedicated to the application without OS overhead
  • Self-healing, with built in health checks of all services
  • State-based, replicable environment configuration
  • Zero-downtime upgrades and configuration changes
  • Highly configurable crons with individual resource limits to prevent crons affecting front-end performance and to avoid concurrency
  • Nightly backups

Enterprise Kubernetes Hosting

Enterprise-class Managed Kubernetes hosting that includes built-in scaling beyond the configured resource tier to ensure uninterrupted availability during periods of peak traffic.

Enterprise plans provide all of the features of Managed Kubernetes Hosting and in addition offer:

  • Built in scaling to 175% of the base resource tier
  • Configurable scaling to >256 CPU cores on containerised workloads
  • Full geographic redundancy available for containerised workloads
  • 24/7 application monitoring with NOC response on error
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Included container registry
  • Orchestration and container building support
  • CI / CD pipeline creation support