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All of our plans are available month to month in order to make upgrades and downgrades as easy as possible.

Shared hosting is suitable for site builds and smaller sites with moderate traffic. For medium sized websites, M.D.G. IT VPS have dedicated RAM and low contention CPU access, powering through demanding traffic patterns.

If your existing site has had performance issues or crashes under load, we recommend discussing a scalable Kubernetes hosting service with our server team. This allows the greatest flexibility in allocating resources where needed, including the option of autoscaling and geographically distributed application nodes to serve traffic to diverse audiences as quickly possible.

All M.D.G. IT hosting plans come with full support, management, and backups.


Best for smaller sites with moderate traffic

from $9.95 / month


Dedicated compute power for growing sites

from $148 / month


Self healing hosting that scales to enterprise

from $412 / month