Restoring sites from outages

Emergency Migration

Is your website currently down? Our emergency website migration service gets sites back online as quickly as possible during outages.

Rapid Response

We can start working on a migration from the failed host in less than 30 minutes and provide an estimated time to completion once the situation has been assessed. The average migration time for most hosts is within 2 hours.

Emergency migrations incur a flat fee of $320. If we fail to transfer the site within the time estimate provided the emergency migration fee is refunded. Please also note that we provide free migrations with all services, with turnaround times of approximately one business day.

Expert Handling

Experienced support technicians perform the migration from assessment to go-live. Once access to the site's codebase and database has been provided the migration will be started, DNS records will be repointed while the files are being transferred and a final pre-flight check will be conducted before routing live traffic to the restored website.

Origin server completely offline?

In the event that the failed hosting service is completely uncontactable, our support staff will provide a secure way to upload a backup copy of the codebase and database to be restored on your new hosting service.


Emergency migrations are provisioned on our latest Kubernetes hosting plans, with seven days of free hosting included. Once restored, clients can choose from any of our Managed Kubernetes plans.

Order an Emergency Migration