Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud Migrations

M.D.G. IT managed AWS service reduces the technical overhead of hosting AWS infrastructure by providing OS configuration, updates, backups and 24x7 monitoring. Click here for further information about what is included in full AWS management.

Our system administrators first perform an initial audit of the AWS services that are currently in place and work with you to create a step-by-step action plan to complete the migration. Migration options include moving EC2 instances to an M.D.G. IT managed AWS account, rolling out monitoring and backup schedules to an existing AWS account or implementing automated EC2 image deployment for use in autoscaling and blue/green deployments.

Regardless of the size of your AWS deployment or whether your AWS account is currently self managed or managed by a third-party, our support team will work with you to create a migration plan to suit your requirements.

Get in touch today to discuss how M.D.G. IT can help in migrating your AWS workloads and getting the most out of your AWS cloud with ongoing support.

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