IP Address migration

What is changing?

M.D.G. IT is returning the previously leased IP ranges 119.63.222.x and 115.146.78.x to the transit provider from which these ranges are leased. All services on IP address in the 119.63.222.x and 115.146.78.x ranges need to be migrated to new M.D.G. IT IP addresses before this time in order for services to continue to be available. 

New services have not been deployed to these ranges for several years, so this affects only hosting accounts and servers that were ordered prior to May 2012.

Why are services being moved

The 119 and 115 IP ranges are part of a legacy arrangement with a single service provider. These IPs are not directly allocated to M.D.G. IT by APNIC, which means that we are limited in the control we have over routing for these ranges. As part of our arrangement with the owner of the ranges, these IPs will be withdrawn from the M.D.G. IT network at the above time.

We can provider faster and more direct access to the majority of Australian ISPs from our own IP ranges, as well as being able to provide higher levels of network redundancy.

How will this affect my services

If you have a service with M.D.G. IT on an IP address that starts with 119 or 115, your service will be migrated to a new IP by the end of October 2016.

This will not cause any outages or service disruption, because all services will be set up to respond on both IPs during the brief changeover period when DNS is propagating and traffic can flow to either IP address.

What do I need to do?

Because no services need to actually move to different servers or locations, these changes revolve primarily around DNS. For services where M.D.G IT manages DNS for all domains, you do not have to do anything — the migration will happen transparently and automatically. For services that include domains with 3rd party DNS, we will be in touch with the exact changes that will need to be made at your 3rd party DNS provider to point domains at the correct IP.

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