Troubleshooting email problems

If you have having problems with email, please provide the following information in your ticket so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Receiving problems

  • What is the domain that is having problems. E.g. ''
  • Are all mailboxes on this domain having problems? I.e. is the issue localised to e.g., or is it affecting any address ?
  • What happens to messages sent to the affected mailbox?
    • Does the sender receive a bounce email with an error?
    • If so, what is this error message?
  • Are you able to retrieve mail from the mailbox in question?
    • If not, how are you trying to retrieve mail (webmail, POP3, IMAP), and what settings are you using (URL/hostname, username, port)?
    • Are you able to get a successful login when trying to retrieve mail? If not, what error message do you see, or do you get a timeout?
    • If you are able to get a successful login, are any messages downloaded?

Sending problems

  • Are you having problems sending messages from mailbox in question?
    • If so, how are you trying to send messages (SMTP, webmail)?
    • What settings are you using (URL/hostname, username, port)
    • What exactly happens when you try to send mail (error message, timeout)?
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