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Building a Magento site can be a long and complex process, involving multiple designers, developers, huge product catalogues, and build times of 12 months or more. For leaner startups setting up a store can be a simple matter of buying and installing a theme, creating a handful of products to test market response, and sending some traffic the site's way using Google Adwords. Each is suited to a different type and stage of online business.

Magento is notoriously badly documented code-wise, which is probably at least partially intentional, since while Magento is open source, it's not altogether community driven.

A logical place to start is the latest version of Magento to play with and the user guide:

While the themes on commercial sites are of varying quality, there are definitely some good (and fast) themes around. is one of the bigger Magento theme marketplaces. also has a large collection, including free themes.

If you are a developer or just building a theme yourself, the design guide, while not a complete resource, gives a good grounding in basic Magento principles and the basics of theme design:

Some other links, in no particular order:

Official Magento Forums:
stackoverflow Magento tagged questions:
LinkedIn Magento Australia group:
Stack Exchange Magento: 

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