Magento upload httpd error

This error is most commonly seen when attempting to upload product images. Magento uses a Flash uploader, which is one possible cause of the problem, however there can also be others.

  • The first thing to check is write permissions on the media folder. On shared servers this should not be an issue, however on VPSs running cPanel this can, because the web server runs as 'nobody' while FTP and SSH use the account user. Files created using FTP or SSH will hence not be writable by nobody. The solution in this case, on cPanel VPSs only is to make the /media folder writable by 'nobody', i.e. world-writable. From the webroot, run the following.
chmod -R 777 media
  • On VPSs without cPanel, Apache runs as 'nobody' by default, however this can be changed to the user that is used for creating and uploading files. M.D.G. IT VPSs are set up with a web user which Apache runs at, so this should not be an issue. On VPSs where Apache is running as nobody the above command will set world writable permissions
  • If this does not work, try a different browser - Internet Explorer (if on Windows), FireFox and Chrome.
  • Some sources suggest that in some cases this error only occurs when SSL is enabled in the backend. If this is an option (i.e. if you trust your network and the network(s) between you and the server), disabling SSL on the backend may be a viable option.
  • .htaccess directory password protection can also cause this - try removing this temporarily.
  • On VPS you may also want to try disabling mod_security (this applies only to VPS hosting). This can be done by entering the following in .htaccess:
SecFilterEngine Off
SecFilterScanPOST Off
  • Ensure that the file you are trying to upload is not larger than the php max upload size / post size. Try uploading a small image. If you are running a VPS with fast_cgi, MaxRequestLen is also going to limit uploadable image size.


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