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On earlier versions of Magento (1.5.x and earlier), the store will reindex all products when a single product is saved. With larger catalogues this can create wait times of several minutes, leading to poor performance and/or website timeouts. This will occur even if the index mode is set to "Manual" rather than "Update on Save".

This behaviour can be fixed by your developer with a modification to the following file: <path/to/magento/>app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/Catalog/ProductController.php

The following code will need to be commented out, near line 700 depending on version:

In more recent versions of Magento (1.6.x and later), the “Manual” index mode will no longer automatically reindex after a product is saved, and any full reindexes will need to be performed manually. This is preferable, especially when adding/editing multiple products to a large catalogue.

Scheduling reindexes with Cron

As a full reindex of all the products can take several minutes, it is recommended to run the reindexing process overnight with a cron job. This will help mitigate the performance impact of reindexing a large catalogue. Cron jobs can be created from cPanel on shared hosting, or as the ‘web’ user on a VPS service. Please open a support ticket from the Client Area if you require assistance with this step.

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