508 Resource Limit Reached

The "508 Resource Limit Is Reached" error message appears when an account exceeds the resources assigned to it  - CPU usage, RAM usage or the number of concurrent processes running under the cPanel account.

You can view the history of these limits being exceeded in cPanel, under Logs - Resources - Details.

There are several reasons that can be involved:
- Normal traffic. If your site experiences high peaks in normal traffic it can exceed allocated resources. If this is a regular occurrence we would recommend considering an upgrade to a Virtual Private Server, where no such limits are in place
- Problems in code. If there are pages on your site that have speed issues that have been introduced during development, a relatively small number of concurrent page requests can push the site over its resource limits
- Backend operations - demanding backend operations such as imports and exports can create significant load, which in addition to normal traffic can cause resource limits to be exceeded.
- Webcrawlers making a high number of requests per second. You can adjust the rate at which e.g. Google requests pages in Google Webmaster Tools.

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