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The vast majority of "My site is down", "The server is down", "I can't access my site" and similar requests we receive are in fact clients being blocked by their server's firewall, and not by any services actually being down for the internet at large.

Before opening a ticket about a site being unavailable, please first check to see whether this is the case. You can do this at e.g.:
or you can set up continuous monitoring with a service such as:

If the above indicate that the site is down only for you, please supply your public IP so that we can match this against the firewall deny list. You can see your public IP here:
We can then also look up the reason for the ban so that this can be avoided in future. Normally this is caused by:

  • repeated incorrect password attempts. Please do not guess at passwords - if you do not know a password for SSH, FTP, cPanel / WHM, IMAP, POP or SMTP, reset it.
  • repeated attempts to connect to a closed port, e.g. the default SSH port (22).
  • excessive POP3 mail logins per hour (> 1 per minute). Please decrease the frequency at which mail is checked, or switch to IMAP
  • repeated incorrect HTTP auth login attempts

If you have a VPS, you can unblock your IP by logging in to WHM (from another network), clicking on "ConfigServer..", and then inserting your IP into the Quick Unblock field and pressing the Quick Unblock button.

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